Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back from Florida

We were in Florida for 2 weeks, visiting my parents. One of the boys always gets sick the day before any trip, so it wasn't surprising that Mitchie had an ear infection on the plane ride. Whata trooper though - he did well on the flight (gotta love fruit snacks for helping ear pressure).

The first week was ... COLD. A high of 52 with 30 mph winds while at the beach is not fun. Thankfully, it warmed up for the last 5 days and we did our beach/pool stuff then. Being that I was on the plane by myself with the boys, I didn't lug the big camera. These are all with the new point and shoot.

See? Beach with sweatshirts!
Finally warm enough to enjoy a sunset photo opp. Going through photos to find the best to post reminded me of how hard it is to get 2 kids to cooperate at the same time, and how it's made all the more challenging without a DSLR. This was from the point and shoot. Incidentally, my dad was hoping I would take photos of the boys with his old 5D, but he failed to tell me that his flash had alkaline batteries that were about a year old. How totally useless trying to capture a moment with 3 second battery recycle times. I should have lugged my good gear after all.

I loved how the full moon looked opposite the sunset.This kept Mitch busy for a while.

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