Sunday, August 17, 2008

That's my boy!

Cute kid saying today. I was asking Mitchell how he wanted his peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut, "Squares or triangles?"

Mitchell says, "Circles!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Out Of Character

I've never been big on holidays. Christmas is sooo much work. I didn't really care about the big Thanksgiving feast (my mom cooked great meals everyday anyway). Halloween, once I hit 12, seemed rather silly. I stopped trick-or-treating before most kids my age, preferring to open the door to hand out the treats. This year is different: we'll be trick-or-treating with my sister and her two girls.

My sister's oldest, and my oldest agree on the theme of superheroes. Sean went for Spiderman, Mitchell for Superman, Jen for Doc Ock, Tina for the Hulk. Then, what will us adults be? My sister and her husband will be BatMan and BatGirl. Ron's undecided. And me... well, not many options for female superheroes, plus take out BatGirl and the evil ones like Cat Woman... what is there?

Wonder Woman! The persona isn't so much out of character for me.. a strong-willed helpful woman, capable of putting out all kinds of fires. The outfit, however, is totally out of character. I rarely wear skirts and dresses. And, the only other time I've worn anything strapless was my sister's wedding. Don't forget I haven't worn a costume (even for parties) in over 20 years. But, what the heck, right? I know, I know - need to work on that farmer's tan, put on some make-up, tone up a little more... but I'm OK with this look.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lisa and Chris - Wedding

Today was a fun day. Lisa and Chris found me through Craigslist via Lisa's mom, Karen. They requested primarily candids, and little to no traditional posed work. With this smaller wedding, candids-a-plenty was a natural fit. Additionally, it was my first DVD slideshow for a customer. Karen called to see if I knew someone who did the slideshows. I made sure I could produce what she was looking for, and it was a lot of fun and received positive feedback. I'll be adding this service publicly to my website soon. It was an all-around blast working with this group, from start to finish. I wish Lisa and Chris best of luck in their marriage, which began on 08-08-08.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sick Kiddo

Argh, here we go again! Last weekend, our teenager Tony caught a cold. And, he lovingly passed it to Sean, who mentioned ear pain overnight on Thursday. Sean has a habit of getting ill at the end of a week, forcing me to either run to the doctor on Friday, or end up in urgent care on Saturday. I took him in Friday afternoon, even though he said his ears didn't hurt anymore. His pediatrician said "Oh really, I'm surprised they don't hurt anymore!" His pain tolerance must be increasing, as both ears were infected. We were prescribed refrigerated pink amoxycillin (which happens to be Sean's favorite medicine). Unfortunately, tonight he was itching his eyes and they looked like the start of pink eye. However, I am grateful that we have leftover drops from our family's last bout with pink eye in January when Mitchell, Ron and I all had double pink eyes. Yikes!